Divorce, custody, support, relocations, contract disputes, and financial reverses are all worrisome. All of those issues require the services of experienced counsel.

Separation agreements, prenuptial agreements, advance directives, insurance policies, powers of attorney, business documents, powers of appointment, and other written agreements all require periodic review.

Over the past four decades, my practice areas have included topics that touch many aspects of family and business life. I represent and have represented matrimonial and business clients in many different states as well as clients from Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Israel, Egypt, India, Yemen, Ghana and several European countries as well.

The hallmarks of a good attorney are being patient, a good listener, a wordsmith, a thorough researcher and proofreader, and an advocate for reasonable legal positions. An attorney must earn and maintain your trust. You must comply with court directives for full disclosure, prompt responses to requests for information and document production.

Trial and appellate litigation can be a very expensive undertaking. Settlement should always be explored as an option. The cost of litigation varies with the kind of case, the number of proceedings, the number of court appearances, the volume of document production, the amount of preparation required for court proceedings, and the general costs of commencing, defending, and advancing your litigation position.

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